On the way to dropping Linc off at PreSchool, I heard a loud noise coming from my front tyre. I knew it was something stuck in the tread by the way it changed pace as I accelerated and decelerated. I stopped several times to check but couldn’t find anything. As a precaution, I drove straight to the mechanic. After I arrived, I got out and wasn’t parked over the culprit this time. I saw a large thread hanging from the front left tyre. I thought perhaps I could pull it off and keep going. After all, I had an important deadline to meet. The mechanic laughed at me and said the car was not to be driven and if I did, the tyre could ‘blow out’ killing us all! I had to leave the car there and take his hire car which had no fuel in it. I had no time to go to the service station as I had a deadline. I rushed Linc to PreSchool and rushed home and met my deadline. I got fuel in the afternoon when I had more time.

I had two choices with what happened this morning. Focus on the negative or focus on the positive. Negative = tyre damaged, need two new tyres, hire car with no fuel, held up and wasted time, had to rush to meet deadline OR Positive = thank god we didn’t ‘blow out’ and have a bad accident, lucky the hire car was available, still made the deadline, got to fill the car up more than I needed so that the next person isn’t inconvenienced like I was.

Look at the opportunities I had. I was grateful to be safe. Grateful for a car to get from A to B and I had the opportunity to do something decent which was – fill the car up more than was required so that I could be generous and considerate for the next person. I did all of this not because I want something in return but simply because that’s who I am. No… correction… that’s who I choose to be because I know that anything less will not bring me the results I want in my life and wouldn’t make me happy. Living my life with this awareness makes me happy. Thank you awareness.

N 🙂