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Archetype readings


As a foundation for your ‘identity’, you have four primary archetypes – Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur (as theorised by Carolyn Myss). You also have 8 ‘personalised’ archetypes that make you who you are. Archetypes are instinctual behaviour patterns that enable you to act and interact in the world. These archetypal forces determine how you present yourself to others, how you cope with life, how you form relationships, and how you conduct every aspect of your physical existence. Knowing your archetypes, and becoming aware of how they can act up and act out, gives you the power to ‘control’ them when necessary and ‘re-program’ them where needed so that you can live your life peacefully, responsibly, and most importantly… ‘consciously’.

SERVICES: One on One Readings to determine your 8 intimate archetypes
(via phone or Skype):

  • One-hour archetypal ‘check-up’ to make sure that your archetypes are functioning in service to your choices in life. I can help to balance your archetypes, and align them with your spiritual purpose. This helps you to feel centred, at peace, and on task for all that you aspire to achieve – (cost $90)
  • Two-hour full archetypal assessment and life contract analysis that uncovers and determines your eight special individual archetypes. You have eight unique archetypes that will filter through you in your work, your life, your relationships, your goals, and achievements. Becoming familiar with your archetypes helps you to know yourself at a deeper level and brings awareness into your heart and mind. This helps you to know what to choose, what to pursue and what to let go of – (cost $180)

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Chakra readings


You have seven chakra centres located through the centre of your body. Chakras are vital to your health. Negative feelings hamper the way these chakras ‘spin’, resulting in illness or dis-ease. Although your chakras reside in your body, they are not detectable by modern medicine. Eastern cultures and aboriginal people are aware of chakras and know about their capability for creating inner peace and harmony. I have studied chakras and developed the ability to recognise blockages, and leaks. Chakras can either slow down or speed up depending on the issues that present however the ultimate goal is to have all chakras spinning in harmony with each other and creating a positive flow of chi (life force energy).

SERVICES: One on One Chakra Analysis
(via phone or Skype)

  • Two-hour full chakra reading and analysis followed by a healing. Assessing each of the seven chakras individually. Identify and releasing any blockages or leaks. Work through emotional issues, unfinished business, held resentments, and limiting beliefs. This helps to ‘cleanse’ the chakras and bring them back into alignment while encouraging a more steady flow of energy through your body. Bringing your energy back to centre will create a healing in your cells and clear your mind of stress and anxiety – (cost $180)
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