International Best-selling Author

Noni Boon is author of ‘Holifest’.
Holifest is a ‘small’ book that brings about ‘big’ change in you
and in your life.

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Author Noni Boon is a visionary and a teacher with a passion for witnessing people reach their goals and achieve ultimate success. In Holifest, Noni offers an easy, two-ingredient recipe to follow to strengthen your character and gain a deeper knowledge of yourself which then allows you to achieve abundance in all areas of your life while evolving into ‘what you can become’.
Abbreviated from holistic-manifest, Noni describes Holifest as the power and force that rockets “manifest” to “magnifest.”
Holifest is built on developing a list of twenty-one specially selected virtues that you already possess in order to enhance your mind, body, and soul. Holifest gives you the creativity, courage, and confidence to transform into your next best magnificent self, move up to what you can become, and begin living your greatest life yet. When you change yourself, you change your world.


Noni Boon is co-author of three International Bestselling Books

Success in High Heels is an anthology compiled by Christine Marmoy. In this book, Noni is one of 30 “amazing and successful women” who have gathered together to help women remove the stress and overwhelm from the challenging, humbling, and nerve-racking experience of being your own Boss! Noni’s Chapter, titled The Power Beneath Me is an absolute gem, a source of amazing inspiration, and a meaningful moment of truth.

Pebbles in the Pond – Wave Two is a transformational book compiled by Christine Closer. In this book, Noni joins bestselling authors Neale Donald Walsh, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Lisa Nichols, along with other transformational authors from around the world as they share their touching, amazing, and inspiring true stories of their trials, triumphs, and ultimate transformations.

Manifesting in High Heels is a book written by 29 inspirational authors including Noni Boon who teach you how to manifest all that you desire in your life and your business. Noni Boon shares the process she uses to manifest her potential and achieve her goals. You will be genuinely touched by the authenticity of each chapter you read and come away with many new tips and practices that are tried and true.

Success in High HeelsSuccess in {High} Heels
by Christine Marmoy (Compiler)




Pebbles in the PondPebbles in the Pond
Transforming the World One Person at a Time
by Christine Kloser (Publisher)book trailer




Success in High HeelsManifesting in {High} Heels
Secret rituals to achive success
by Christine Marmoy (Compiler)