I totally enjoy attending Noni’s Holifest Women sessions. I enjoy the time to network with like minded women and I love listening to Noni share her humour, life, and motherhood experiences. Noni offers real advice on how we can all improve ourselves right here and now. I have been so impressed with the material Noni offers that I have referred her to my company’s CEO to have her come and coach our Direct Selling Team.
Julieanne Fishburn – Business Owner – The Candle Cottage (Partylite Worldwide, Inc.) 

Holifest Women is a group of like minded women who get together to share passion for their lives and careers. This group, headed by the lovely Noni Boon, meets monthly to engage in holistic growth for the mind, body, and soul. The group actively includes supporting multiple charities during these events! It is a great space to give and receive. Totally worthwhile.
Kath Creel – Marketing Director – Impact AV Australia 

I recently started attending the Holifest Women coaching lunches and find them enjoyable, inspirational, and fun. It is a wonderful meeting of the minds with the the women attending genuinely wanting to give back and improve themselves. Noni Boon captures the room with her down to earth, genuine, and thought provoking content, actively and positively challenging the audience to accept and better themselves.
Shannon Park – Business Owner – Sydney Parkside Yoga

I attend Holifest Women monthly as I find it motivational, empowering, and uplifting, but more than that, Noni keeps it real… I walk away feeling I’m not alone and that I’m ‘normal’! I am inspired to enrich my life more and appreciate my strengths and weaknesses.
Michele Timmins 

For me, Holifest Women’s Group, from the start, has enriched my mind and soul. It enables me to reach out to other women as we all have similar feelings and needs. I am blessed in Noni’s presence, as she empowers and inspires me so much!
Sue Lambert

I have attended Holifest Women since its conception. I love the fact that it brings women of all ages together. It has helped form friendships and a circle of love and support amongst this special group of women. Over time I have watched this group expand, grow, and flourish. Noni delivers her talks with RAW passion. She is REAL. I find that everyone can relate to what she talks about… it’s not wishy washy, it’s honest… I look forward to the Holifest Women’s meeting every month. I am filled with inspiration, confidence, self-love, and happiness. This group offers something so unique, so different, something that every woman needs… I feel!

So blessed to have someone with Noni’s expertise sharing her life experiences and knowledge with us all… from this we all GROW.❤️
Jill Johnston – Business Owner – Jill Johnston Beauty and Massage Therapy


“I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has changed since the first time I met Noni Boon. I was at rock bottom having signed off work sick with stress related illness. It was with absolute devotion that I threw myself into Noni’s SHARE program with an open heart and mind. Whether Noni’s program is purely for your own development, or just to learn to enhance those around you, I am truly grateful not only to Noni but to Crossmark for having the open mindedness to want the best for its employees. I have since had a change of career within the company, moved interstate, developed a totally different mindset along with a change of priorities and I can safely say that ‘I am on the road to recovery.”
Cheryl Hornby – Talent Acquisition Advisor – Crossmark Asia Pacific

“Noni Boon presented an outstanding Mindfulness Presentation recently for CROSSMARK Asia Pacific. Noni was well researched and her presentation was thought provoking and very enlightening. We learned a great deal from what Noni had to say and everyone was captivated from the start. From the first communication I had with Noni, she was professional, informed, and very warm. We’ve already planned to have Noni come back to run another presentation!”
Reference: Matt Langmaid – HR Executive | CROSSMARK Asia Pacific


Noni Boon has been hosting a group of up to one hundred women on the first Wednesday of every month since July 2015 for our Pandora’s Fearless Women Event. Sponsored by the Hills District Independent Magazine, these keynotes have inspired, moved, and touched the minds, hearts, and souls of each and every woman in attendance. Noni receives rave reviews and standing ovations. Noni is loved and admired by our loyal followers who continue to provide positive, honest, and heartfelt feedback.
Renee Gordon – Events Manager – Pandora’s Restaurant, Sydney

I met Noni Boon when I became a sponsor of Holifest Women back in 2015 and I have found Noni to be an absolute pleasure to work with. Noni is the utmost professional when it comes to the fund raising efforts of Fearless Women and also has compassion and empathy for every cause we represent. Noni Boon is just a wonderful speaker. Noni is very passionate about what she does and it comes through in her talks, which are always informative and never boring. I have learnt a lot from Noni’s monthly talks and so have all of the other women who attend every month to hear her talk. I couldn’t recommend Noni Boon highly enough for anything she chooses to do because she puts 110% into anything she is passionate about and she would be an absolute asset to any business.
Julie Ryan – Owner/Publisher – Hills District Independent News