Corporate Coaching


A Corporate Course for ‘women’
created and designed by Noni Boon

A course for strength, creativity, imagination, goals, and success
Holifest is an action plan for initiating new ‘character strengths’ and implementing greater ‘creativity’ and ‘imagination’ in employees so that they can reach their ‘goals’ and achieve greater ‘success’ both individually and collectively.
• A stronger ‘character’ demands greater success.
• When you improve yourself, you improve your life.
Success is never in pursuit of success. It is a state of ‘existence’ and a ‘self-determined’ measurement, irrespective of circumstances, and this is what focusing instead on ‘character strengths’, ‘creativity’, and ‘imagination’ will empower you to do.
Noni Boon brings her many years of expertise as ‘Work&Life Coach’ to inspire your employees, ignite their desire for self-improvement, and lead them on to perform at a higher level and deliver better results.
Key Outcomes:
• Develop self-awareness to identify and achieve desired results.
• Gain insights into the ‘nature’ of the creative process and increase motivation.
• Develop strategies to become the best possible version of yourself.
• Empower and nurture the talents, skills, and uniqueness you already have.
• Transform current habits and actions so that you can develop the ‘mindset’ and ‘behaviours’ that turn dreams into reality.

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