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Do you feel the need to control everything and everyone in your life? Do you journey through life full of fear and apprehension? What if I get hurt? What if I don’t make it? What if I fail? Do you spend any amount of time questioning, doubting, and anticipating the worst? If you do, you are not alone. It is human nature to fear the unknown. Unless of course, you have [...]

Got your me-time?

IS IT ALL WORK, WORK, WORK? Do you take time out? You need to consciously and self-caringly 'take' time for yourself. When I was younger, I didn’t have as much 'me-time'. Weekends were taken up renovating houses and chasing financial success. From what I observe, our twenties, thirties, and forties are all about getting 'ahead' and preparing for retirement. The scale[...]


My morning run out to my bush rock is always a bit of a ‘think tank’. I run through all the crap in my mind and then decide to leave it all behind and concentrate on my breathing and the air on my face. When I reach this place of ‘surrender’, that’s when the good stuff happens. I was reflecting on the fact that every fairy tale ever told has an end to ‘innocenc[...]

Eight things you need to know about having 'A Partner'

After being married for over a quarter of a century, there are a few things I have come to know for certain about partnerships. (photo of leaving on my wedding night - 25 years ago) Your partner is NOT your best friend Regardless of the fact that so many people say ‘he or she is my best friend’, that doesn’t have to be the case. Partners and best friends [...]

Black Butterfly

On my run this morning, I was wing punched in the face by a large black butterfly. Because I have a unique language with the universe that I call a ‘symbologue’, meaning that the universe communicates with me through signs and symbols, I decided to pay attention and investigate what the ‘message’ could mean. There is a Native American legend that says, “If anyo[...]


When I meditated on this question, here’s the answer that showed up. ‘Life is the full expression of energy. Life gives form to all particles in existence. There is no good or bad, there just is. Mortal life can be destroyed whereas soul life is eternal and indestructible. Because you are mortal, you have judgement about life. You look around and determine what is[...]

Today's Lessons

On the way to dropping Linc off at PreSchool, I heard a loud noise coming from my front tyre. I knew it was something stuck in the tread by the way it changed pace as I accelerated and decelerated. I stopped several times to check but couldn't find anything. As a precaution, I drove straight to the mechanic. After I arrived, I got out and wasn't parked over the culpri[...]

The Wise Owl Says:

. Nobody trips over mountains. It's the small pebbles that cause you to stumble. Navigate all the small pebbles in your path and you will find that you have safely crossed the mountain.