Noni Boon is a woman who genuinely loves and cares for people. She feels a deep connection with others and is determined to make a difference in the world. Noni is inspired by change and growth. Noni welcomes it in herself, and is excited and inspired by witnessing it in her clients. Noni has had her fair share of struggles and has faced her own adversity, forcing her to develop an inner strength that is now so entrenched in her that she has the stability to help others develop and grow.

Noni has learnt many valuable life lessons and read more literature on the topic of self-growth and transformation than most people would ever entertain. Noni is an expert in helping and teaching others, Noni thrives on challenges and is never deterred or prepared to fail without giving her all to everything she sets her sights upon.

Noni is a horsewoman, a nature child, a wife, a mother, a teacher, an artist, and a guide. She cherishes creativity and believes that everybody has the power to create their life so that it serves them and serves humanity. Noni believes that her life purpose is that of being of service to others, helping to empower others and helping to guide those who have lost their way. Noni lives her life with integrity, with passion, with love, and with strong, clear direction, deeply embedded in an unshakable faith in all that is good.