Noni Boon – Speaker

Noni Boon is the founder of ‘Holifest Women’ a monthly meeting of women intent on improving themselves and helping charities at the same time… (join ‘Holifest Women’ on Facebook)
Noni is also guest speaker at the Golden Door health retreat Hunter Valley, NSW

Speaking and/or Workshop topics include –


Holifest is abbreviated from ‘holistic’ ‘manifest’. Holifest is a powerful process and revolutionary concept created by Noni Boon that will show you how to ‘magnifest’ rather than just ‘manifest’ the things you want for yourself and in your life; while at the same time initiating new ‘character strengths’ via twenty-one carefully selected virtues that become ‘ripened’ and activated. Holifest helps you to be more creativity, courageous, confident, and successful using a simple two ingredient recipe that guarantees immediate results. Noni Boon claims to have received everything she ever wanted in life by following the simple guidelines laid out in her book ‘Holifest’.


Most people are mindless around 95% of the time. Becoming mindful increases presence, creativity, drive, and motivation by minimising the ego desire to take ‘thoughts’ back to the past or into the future. Fatigue, conflict, and burnout can all result from being trapped in old categories and mind sets. The advantages of mindfulness are very apparent in the workplace and in life. Developing your mindfulness will make you more flexible, productive, innovative. Enhanced mindfulness will develop your leadership ability, help your stress management, give you greater job and life satisfaction.


Noni Boon created ‘SHARE’, a five principle video course hosted on BalanceByDeborahHutton, designed to help you achieve total holistic wellbeing, enabling you to ‘think’ better, ‘feel’ better, and ‘live’ better. SHARE incorporates self-awareness, holism, ambition, relationships, and enthusiasm. SHARE is comprised of valuable material drawn from Noni’s years in the fitness industry, combined with her experience as a graphic designer, and her studies in holistic counselling, archetypes, chakras, and positive psychology.


Discovering and monitoring your body’s seven energy centres helps you to develop and increase stamina, zest, and vitality for life. Chakras are specific wheels of energy located on the midline of the body. The chakra system offers a means of identifying and channelling the universal life force referred to as ‘chi’. This life force is the power that ancient Indian teachers claim swirls through the cosmos, nature, and your body. Minimising potential ‘leaks’ in your chakra system reduces your risk of fatigue, illness, depression, and disease.

Archetypes – child, victim, prostitute, and saboteur

Archetypes are instinctual behaviour patterns that reside in your unconscious mind and you use them to interact with others and participate in life. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with your archetypes. Becoming aware and developing an understanding of your archetypes leads to greater self-analysis and helps you to shed light on your automatic behaviour and responses giving you greater control over yourself and over your life. Archetypes drive and determine your persona, character, and your ego mind. Learning how to manage your archetypes will further develop your self awareness, consciousness, and self appreciation.

Other topics include –

Grief Management
Work/Life Harmony
Goal Setting
Improving Relationships
Time Management
The Wellbeing Theory
Conflict Resolution
Consciousness and Connection
Resilience and Transformation
Soulful Confidence